The Philosophy behind our label

These days, more and more people are dealing with discontentment and suffering with regard to their jobs, family life, or sometimes even life itself. The feeling of being stressed out, unfortunately has evolved to a common state of being and affects nearly everyone of us, by now.


As for me, one of the founders of "Ease of Being" , I have experienced firsthand, what it means to feel unhappy and unbalanced, all while not being able to name any specific reason for these negative feelings. Life can sometimes seem like a continuous, never ending struggle for many of us.


The ways and methods I tried to overcome these feelings were plentiful and affected many different areas in my personal life. From establishing healthy eating habits, to creating new sleep patterns or gently working out on a regular basis, I have done it all.


In the end, what really changed my attitude towards my own, terminable life,  and what had the biggest impact on my own thoughts, feelings, as well as my general state of being, was to take on an holistic approach. Me, as a being does not just mean my body, but also to  include my mind and soul or spirit. For me, this new approach changed many things for the better - not all of them and certainly not all at once, but gently one step at a time, one habit at a time.


In the last several years, I have learned a lot about mindfulness and the importance of finding my way back into the present moment and than staying in it for quite some time. The present moment is really all we will ever have - not the past, which is long gone, or the future, which is uncertain and uncontrollable (at least to a certain extent) - only this very moment, right now.


Another contributing factor to me newfound inner peace and balanced way of living is my attitude towards shopping and consuming. "You are what you consume!", this quote by the renowned buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh implicates a very important fact, most of us seem to be unaware of. We do not only consume through taste, e. g. the foods we eat and drinks we have, but also through our other four senses, namely sight, hearing, touch and smell.


When we mindlessly buy things that do not stimulate our senses in a positive way or eat our meals in a hurry without really noticing their taste and recognizing when we are full, or when we watch movies that create feelings of anxiety or fear in us, than it should not come as a surprise to us that we constantly feel overwhelmed with negative, stress provoking emotions and feelings.


My way to change these patterns for the better, was to really examine my very own consuming habits, and honestly answering some of the following questions: what do I want to consume and why, how often do I feel the need and how do I feel afterwards. Eventually, it all come down to mindful consumption. Recognizing one's own thought patterns and consuming habits in the very moment they are occurring gives you the abiblity to decide whether to indulge in them or not.


Now, what does all this have to do with "Ease of Being" you may ask yourself. The term "Ease of Being" is what is deeply implicated behind all of my decisions. For me, it serves as a personal Mantra or reminder, to gently always come back to the present moment - to mentally stop in this very moment and actually recognize how it presents itself. You also could, for example, stop right now and explore for yourself what your five senses are capturing, in this moment.


When you are conscious of your individual feelings, thoughts, habits, emotions and patterns, it will be much easier for you, to also recognize what's best for your own body, mind and spirit. And as soon as you are able to make mindful and conscious decisions you will have the necessary contentment to live a more joyful, more balanced and happier life.


We, the founders of this brand, chose to create "Ease of Being" in order to spark a little bit of joy in other people's lives and to help them developing the ability to deeply appreciate the gift of the present moment. Therefore, all our carefully selected products are meant to be helpful gadgets which are hopefully able to provide you - our customer - with a proper means to find mindfulness, inner peace and balance in your busy everyday life.


A good example is our meditation coin: I myself also have one and I really appreciate having it with me all the time. It's original purpose was to function as a key chain or a tag, but my loving husband gave it to me with the engraving "Ease of Being" and a special cord. So, now I am wearing it either as a necklace or attached to my belt in my trouser pocket, where I can touch it or take it into my hands and actually feel it. As soon as I notice the coin, I am snapped of my thoughts and carried right back into this very moment. I am again able to recognize all the wonders around me, and can live my life in a state of conscious awareness.


Well, my husband's gift to me literally started this whole journey. Now we want you, to join us and make this world a better place to live in. Our brand slogan "Give yourself a gift" underlines this special idea. Our products are meant as a gift to the world. Whether you buy one of our special products for yourself, a friend or a loved one, we would be thrilled, if they were able to spark some joy within all of us.


If you still want to know more about our idea to make this world a little bit better and the people living in it a little bit happier, you are more than welcome to follow me on my blog.


All of us only have one life to live, so let's try to take it all in and enjoy the ride as long as it may last.


In this spirit, I want to conclude my thoughts with a little prayer:


"May all beings be free from suffering,

 may all beings be happy and healthy,

 may all beings have ease of being."

                                                                                           Kristin , Founder of Ease of Being